Just In: Latest Poll Slaps Trump with Catastrophic News


The results are in; and they’re terrifying, folks. According to recent polls, Americans are convinced, now more than ever, that the White House is the most corrupt institution in the United States of America.

Just one year since Donald Trump landed his Presidency on a “promise” to “drain the swamp,” it has become quite evident that the controversial President has indeed done nothing of the sort, to rid Washington of its deceit and corruption. In light of this, Americans have become less confident in their government, convinced that Washington has become MORE corrupt since Trump took the helm.

In a recent public opinion poll, Americans are feeling duped, and do not have faith that Trump is out to clean house. In fact, the very opposite is true:

58 percent of Americans surveyed were adamant that corruption became more prevalent in the past year; and that poll is up from 34 percent who stated the same in 2016.

And up from just 36 percent last year, to a whopping 44 percent, is the belief that most, or possibly ALL officials in the President’s Office are corrupt.

As it turns out, the Trump administration has made Americans LESS confident that their government will stop being fraudulent and dishonest. Seven out of 10 Americans believe the government is failing the fight against corruption.

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Last year, while Trump ran for president, he touted his “drain the swamp” slogan ad nauseam, and drew out a five-point plan featuring new lobbying restrictions and ethics reform; but a year later, Trump had his agencies fully stacked with lobbyists for industries that were regulated by said agencies – an ethical nightmare, to say the least.

Since then, the Trump administration has been plagued almost daily, by legal and investigatory scandals related to corruption.

Walter Shaub, a fierce critic of the Trump administration, and former director of the United States Office of Government Ethics from 2013 to 2017, said it best:

“America should have the right to know what the motivations of its leaders are, and they need to know that financial interests—personal financial interests—aren’t among them.”

If the polls are this bad, now – can you just imagine how terrible they will be in 2018?