Lindsay Lohan just went viral with her question for Trump on Twitter


In the movie Moneyball, Brad Pitt played the role of Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball club. In his attempt to describe to his staff how far down the totem poll the club had slid compared to other teams, Beane (Pitt) says, “There are rich teams, and there are poor teams. Then there’s 50 feet of crap. Then there’s us.”

Lindsay Lohan

The same description applies to the career and public persona of actress Lindsay Lohan. The star of Herbie: Fully Loaded and the Tina Fey-produced Mean Girls, Lohan was once one of the hottest and most promising commodities in Hollywood. But her off-screen party lifestyle and frequent battles with the law doomed her once-promising career.

These days, she’s attempting a resurrection of sorts by shilling – appropriately enough – for, a legal services website whose ad campaign featuring the charismatic redhead went viral earlier this year.

With her newfound social media fame, LiLo’s clearly now qualified to comment on other C-list celebrities who enjoy making noise on Twitter, including and especially President Donald Trump.

Reading about Trump’s recent difficulties curating adequate legal representation to mount a defense against special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election, Lohan took to Twitter to offer him some help.

Ironically enough, the Trump presidency also resides beneath 50 feet of crap whenever a ranking of American presidents is compiled, and so Lindsay’s now in upgraded company.

Well played, Ms. Lohan. Well played.

Credit: washingtonpress