London Mayor to Trump: You’re Not Welcome in the UK


On Wednesday, President Donald Trump has decided to put the livelihoods of America’s Muslims by retweeting inflammatory videos from a British far-right account. The videos were posted by Jayda Fransen, a leader of Britain First, a nationalist political group.

Depicted in these videos were supposed Muslim assailants attacking people and defacing Christian statues.

London’s Mayor Says Trump Isn’t Welcomed

According to CNBC, the mayor of London – Sadiq Khan, released a statement, noting that the retweets betrayed the “special relationship between the U.K and the United States. Condemning President Trump, Khan said that “President Trump yesterday use Twitter to promote a vile, extremist group that exists solely to sow division and hatred in our country.” He then called upon the U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to cancel any plans of official visits by the president.

“After this latest incident, it is increasingly clear that any official visit at all from President Trump to Britain would not be welcomed,” he added.

According to BBC, Theresa May is on the record saying that she is rejecting calls to cancel state visits, stressing the “special relationship” between the two nations. According to her, the relationship should continue since it is “in both our nations’ interests.”

Trump Undermines America’s Muslim Communities

Earlier this month, the FBI released hate crime stats for 2016, with damning numbers. Anti-Islamic hate crimes are on an upward trajectory, seeing the most significant rise when compared to other religions. 307 out of 6,121 reported hate crimes were anti-Islamic, rising 19% from the previous year.

It’s also important to note that the presence of Donald Trump, in many ways, represents the catharsis of hate. Historically speaking, data points that hate crimes decline during the last quarter of the year – but in 2016, when Donald Trump was elected, there was a marked increase.

Instead of speaking truth to power, and leading with compassion tempered by prudence, the president is retweeting hate videos.