Rachel Maddow Just Exposed Trump Forging Results of His Physical Health Examination


Did President Trump just fake a note from his doctor like a child bringing their teacher a forged letter from their parents? (See evidence below)

The question comes up in light of the news that the note issued by the White House yesterday after the President’s annual physical exam, purportedly written by the examining physician Dr. Ronny Jackson and claiming that the exam went “exceptionally well” and that Trump is “in excellent health”, spells the doctor’s name wrong.

The discrepancy was uncovered by MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow, who tweeted a link to the segment of her Friday night broadcast where she explains her reasons for doubting that Trump’s doctor actually wrote the statement.

Maddow perceptively points out that if the examining doctor wrote the statement himself, presumably he would know how to spell his own name (Ronny, not Ronnie) and that it would be difficult to trust a physician who would forget that rather important detail

Moreover, the convention for doctors when signing their names is not to proceed their name with the honorific “Dr.”, but to add their credentials at the end of their name. Thus if “Dr. Ronnie Jackson” had really penned the statement on the President’s health, he would have signed it Ronny Jackson, M.D.

Whether it was just more sloppiness from White House staff or a deliberate attempt to deceive the public about the President’s health, the revelation of the discrepancy injects more than a smidgen of doubt about whether any reports we get about Trump’s physical condition are to be trusted.