Another Major Mueller Indictment Has Been Discovered


While everyone is focused on the recent arrests of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and campaign adviser Rick Gates, it’s the information within their indictments that reveal a massive bombshell coming.

The labeling of the indictments (as you’ll see listed below) read as though there’s another sealed indictment coming and this one is going to be against someone higher up the food chain, as in at the very top of the food chain.

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Kierán Suckling‏ of the Center for Biological Diversity pointed out that the Manafort-Gates indictment is labeled “Indictment (B).” That means there’s an “Indictment (A)” and that would mean it’s against someone more high profile than Manafort, which is a very short list of people.

On top of that it’s sealed, now why would it be sealed? Maybe because it’s for the current President of the United States, but there are two other possibilities.

George Papadopoulos, Trump’s former campaign adviser, has also been indicted, but he’s not “Indictment (A)”, because his had an entirely different case number.

It’s also not Michael Flynn, because he’s being investigated in a different district and he’s not more senior than Manafort, so Flynn can’t be “Indictment (A)” either.

The only people higher up than Manafort are Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence and Donald Trump.

Here’s the real kicker: If it were Jeff Sessions, it probably wouldn’t be sealed.

If anyone is being indicted for crimes related to those of Paul Manafort it has to be someone who worked very closely with him. All signs point to Donald Trump on this one and, as we know, a sitting president can in fact be indicted, so now we wait.

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