Melania Trump’s Military Flights Cost More Than $675,000 Over Three Months


When Barack Obama was president, Donald Trump loved to complain about how much money Obama and his wife Michelle were spending on travel. For instance, he once tweeted:

But that is nothing compared to what he and Melania are spending. Before she moved to the White House, Melania spent nearly $700,000 on flights between New York City, Florida, and Washington D.C. on Air Force jets.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Air Force made 19 trips to LaGuardia Airport in New York, and nine to Florida’s Palm Beach International Airport, in just four months.

“It is no secret that Mrs. Trump lived in New York City the first few months of the administration so that her son could finish school. The trips mentioned in this story are examples of Mrs. Trump juggling dual roles-putting her son first while also fulfilling some of her duties as First Lady,” Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told the Journal.

One of the reasons the cost was so high is because the jets are located at Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington D.C. To pick Melania up from New York or Florida, they sometimes had to fly without any passengers on board.

And that was just the first four months-the Trumps went on to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on travel.

As far as his complaint about Michelle Obama spending $476K on a trip to Spain, it’s not the entire picture. During her husband’s administration, the Wall Street Journal notes, Michelle’s travel cost just under $2.8 million, or about $350K per year. Melania spent twice that in just four months.