Mexican President Vicente Fox Sends a Stern Message To Donald Trump (Video)


In a pair of early Thursday morning tweets, President Trump insisted that Mexico will be paying the wall regardless of whether it’s directly or indirectly, despite White House chief of staff John Kelly’s comments on the matter. (See video below)

CBC’s Heather Hiscox conducted an interview with Mexican President Vicente Fox to get his take on it and he was furious. He said, “That wall is not going to be paid by Mexico. Trump knows that. Kelly knows that.”

Fox states clearly that he wants no part in the building of this wall, so there’s no way whatsoever that he will ever agree to pay for it. “What worries me is that word ‘directly,’” he said. “Then he might still have in his mind that one way or another that Mexico will pay.”

In an interview Kelly had said that Mexico may not have to pay “directly” but rather it’s possible that they pay “indirectly” through visa fees or renegotiation on NAFTA.

Fox then went on to say that Mexico will not be paying for the wall at all, not directly neither indirectly.

“U.S. taxpayers will pay full 100 per cent the cost of that wall, which is a waste of money [and] a waste of time and I’m sure U.S. taxpayers don’t want to pay for that,” Fox said.

Fox said that the mixed messages about John Kelly’s statements versus what Donald Trump is saying is an “absolute mess, total confusion” at the White House, “nobody can plan ahead, nobody can think about what’s coming.”

Hiscox agreed with Fox, and even compared Trump’s tweet regarding the wall to what Kelly’s saying, that they are contradicting one another.

Fox gave a little lesson on Democracy, saying that Trump knows nothing about it because he thinks like a CEO of a corporate company, so he expects that if gets an idea that everyone should follow along with it. Fox, then, refers to Trump as a dictator because “[he] cannot call him anything else.”