Bombshell Book Author Michael Wolff Just Revealed a Shocking New Secret About Trump’s White House


The author of a new book offering a new in depth view of the first days of the Trump administration is now claiming in a new interview that there have been numerous discussions within the White House regarding whether or not the president is mentally equipped for the job.

Michael Wolff explained on BBC’s Radio 4 that during his year of working within the White House, President Trump‘s aides grew concerned over the president’s mental state in the face of his increasingly erratic behavior.

“The truth is, over this period that I witnesses, this seven or eight months, they all came to the conclusion gradually at first, then faster and faster, that something was unbelievable amiss here,” Wolf said

“That this was more peculiar than they ever imagined it could be. And at the end, they had to look at Donald Trump and say, ‘No, this is a man who can’t function in his job as president.’ He may have been elected president, but that does not turn him into president,” he added.

He also gave his response to a controversial question from the show’s host on whether he would personally describe Trump as “childlike.”

“I don’t describe him as childlike, every person in the White House…Literally, that is the common description among every one of his senior people,” Wolff said “That the president is somewhat like a child.”

“In what way?” the host responded.

“Sometimes it’s an 11-year-old, sometimes it’s a six-year-old, sometimes it’s a two-year-old,” Wolff continued. “And it all depends on his need for immediate gratification. I want what I want when I want it.”