Exposed: Mike Pence’s NFL Game Walk Out Was A Pre-Planned Staged Fake Protest


Vice President Mike Pence ’s walk out in protest of NFL players protesting the anthem was pre-planned and staged by the White House.

Jake Tapper of CNN tweeted how the scheme worked:

Mike Pence used taxpayer money to fly to Indianapolis just so that he could leave in a fake protest over players protesting during the national anthem. Pence’s protest was an administration attempt at propaganda that was intended to appeal to their base supporters while hijacking the news cycle away from important and less flattering issues for the White House.

Pence didn’t spontaneously walk out. The White House carefully selected this Colts game for him to show up at so that he could make a big scene. The bad news for the White House is that their con was quickly discovered, and nobody should be fooled by Pence’s fake protest.