This May Be Why Mike Pence Has Been Quiet As Mueller Closes In


Since his multi-million dollar, tax-payer funded publicity stunt where he walked out of an NFL game in protest of the player’s peaceful protest, Vice President Mike Pence has been laying low.

Hmm. Wonder why that could be? Perhaps he thinks the lower profile he keeps the less likely he’ll be to be implicated in the scandal surrounding Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Donald Trump campaign and administration.

We have learned over the past few days that Donald Trump Jr. was in regular contact with WikiLeaks during the election as part of his effort to obtain emails that had supposedly been stolen from Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks, as we’ve now learned, told several key members of the Trump campaign in an email that they were communicating with Trump Jr. Virtually the entire Trump circle knew the WikiLeaks communication, so it’s impossible that Mike Pence didn’t know.

Why is that important? Because is means Mike Pence now has a massive problem.

Pence told the public that he was not aware of any communications between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.

Palmer Report points out:

Getting caught lying to the public is a bad thing in general, but not illegal. Getting caught lying to the public, in an attempt to mislead federal investigators, is obstruction of justice. Mike Pence already tainted himself in early 2017 when he went on television and claimed he had no knowledge of Michael Flynn’s financial relationships with foreign governments. Congress had already informed him of Flynn’s relationship with Turkey in late 2016.

So now Mike Pence will be stuck trying to fend off two entirely different instances of lying about his knowledge of the Donald Trump campaign’s communications with Russia. If this guy does inherit the presidency once Trump is ousted, he’ll either spend it trying to fend off his own role in the Trump-Russia scandal, or he’ll eventually end up getting ousted himself.

Trump has to know Mueller is getting close. And if Trump knows, Pence has to know, too. This isn’t going to end well for anybody who sold their soul to Make America Great Again