Mother of Parkland victim destroys Trump’s administration in an Op-ed


A mother of a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student killed in the Florida school shooting last month has now written an op-ed swearing to be her daughter’s voice in the fight for stricter gun control and school safety.

Lori Alhadeff’s piece was released by The Washington Post this Thursday, mere days before hundreds of thousands of people are due to come out and support the March for Our Lives worldwide.

Alhadeff wrote that her 14-year-old daughter, Alyssa, was “a special young girl,” a “leader” and “a fighter.”

“Now, it is my job to fight in her name — to end gun violence, to elect people who will stand up to the National Rifle Association and to make our communities safer,” Alhadeff states in the op-ed

She claims that she plans to march Saturday in Washington, D.C., alongside thousands of other students, including several from her daughter’s school, to demand lawmaker to take action on gun control.

“I say to our lawmakers: If you can’t do something about this disgraceful scourge of gun violence in our schools and across our country, you should not hold public office,” she writes. “It is your job to find answers. If you can’t, or won’t, let someone take your place.”

Alhadeff states that she recently has created “Make Schools Safe,” an organization dedicated to preventing school shootings.

She suggests that her daughter’s generation offers her “hope” beyond the “grief and outrage.”

“I stand with these students, in Alyssa’s honor, and I will cheer them on as they fight for much-needed change,” she writes. “It is on us, the students, the adults, the elected officials to make sure no one ever forgets what happened in Parkland.”