New Poll Shows How Much Trump Has F-cked Up Republicans


Most of us were already well aware that Donald Trump has had an absolutely devastating effect on the GOP – but the reality might actually haunt the Republican Party for years to come. It turns out, Trump has probably singlehandedly destroyed the GOP’s chances of dominating Congress for decades as the opposition grows stronger.

Thanks to a new poll by NBC News/The Wall Street Journal, we’re able to see just how widespread the disease of Trump’s presidential failures have spread – and it’s going to have every Republican panicking like mad.

According to CNN, apparently, only 39% of Americans want Republicans to keep control of Congress in 2018. Trump has practically paved the way for Democrats to regain the majority, which is supported by approximately 50% of U.S. voters. Thanks to Trump, this is the first time since 2008 that the American public has wanted a Democratic Congress this badly. Thanks, Donnie!

And the news gets even worse for the GOP. Trump has riled up Americans so much that most Democratic voters – 59% to be exact – say that they are now highly interested and engaged in the 2018 elections, compared to only 49% of Republicans. Even more devastating, much of Trump’s original fan base – such as seniors and men – are now favoring Dems.

Trump and the Republican Party are currently getting a massive wake up call, and it all started with the loss of Alabama’s Republican pedophile Roy Moore, who Trump strongly endorsed. It’s becoming clear that America is revolting against the Trump administration and its conservative policies, and the pushback is only going to get worse.

There may be tons of time between now and next year’s midterm elections, but it’s already obvious that the Democrats have a noticeable head start on the GOP, and will likely take back the majority. FiveThirtyEight’s model reported that currently, Democrats have a 48.7% chance of winning, and Republicans only have odds of 37.6%.