The New York Times Just Listed All of Trump’s Lies (Watch Now)


President Trump’s voters say that they like Trump because he “tells it like it is”—suggesting that Trump is honest. But is he? Of course not. He’s been caught lying on multiple occasions. Not only does he have a combined “False” score of 69% on Politifact, the site also declared Trump’s insistence that Russia’s meddling with the 2017 election was a “made-up story” as the “lie of the year.” He lies so much that it’s difficult to keep track of all of them.

Thankfully, the New York Times posted a video that fact-checks his claims.

Of course, Trump just relies on the “fake news” argument, which has come to mean “news Trump doesn’t agree with” instead of actual fake news, which helped him get elected.

And the best one:

Trump’s attack on the first amendment should be a concern for all Americans. As should his attacks on the intelligence community. At the rate he lies, however, it wouldn’t be surprising if he eventually praises both the New York Times and the FBI.

Watch video below: