Trump furious after news anchor Ana Navarro completely destroys him on Twitter


You can accurately call Donald Trump a lot of things but “appropriate” isn’t one of them. He’s a full-blown racist, who’s bullsh*t intolerance and bigoted agendas have been continually spread upon the American people. Unfortunately for him, we are a nation built upon acceptance of other races, creeds and cultures. His close-minded, Nazi-esque mentality is NOT representative of this country, nor its inhabitants. Which is probably why it was so absurd of Trump to tweet out the following.

Can you believe this! “Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Earlier this year I spoke about Dr. King’s legacy of justice and peace, and his impact on uniting Americans.” Bullsh*t! You’ve done nothing but be the poster boy for Racism your entire life, Donald!

As you could imagine, it didn’t take long for a plethora of people to fire back at Trump for his hypocritical message. Ana Navarro, a well-known, respected journalist, was one of the more prominent voices being heard on social media.

Why, even hours before that response to Donald’s message, she preemptively wrote the following to the masses. She knew he was going to deliver some world-class LIES on a day like today.