Top GOP Congressman Reported to Resign Suddenly (Details)


One thing the Trump administration will be known for is the revolving door it caused within the White House and even Congress. Since his inauguration, Trump’s administration has lost several officials within the White House, and now it appears some GOP congresspeople are deciding to throw in the towel also.

According to the New York Times, Representative Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio) will be resigning based on information from three Republican sources. Tiberi is a prominent figure on the House Ways and Means Committee. The New York Times reported this is a sign of growing frustration within the Republican party.

‘An abrupt departure by Mr. Tiberi, who is an influential member of the House Ways and Means Committee, would signal a deepening level of discontent among mainstream Republicans in Congress. Despite holding Congress and the White House, Republicans have so far failed to achieve longstanding policy goals like overhauling the tax code and repealing the Affordable Care Act.’

It’s probably a good idea for Tiberi to go ahead and resign to save himself the trouble of a painful election season in which he would have to explain to his supporters why Republicans can’t get anything done.

You can check out his 2012 campaign ad below via Youtube:

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