Paul Ryan was just slammed for “Committing Treason” in House Intel Sham


On Monday, it was announced that the House Intelligence Committee was ending their investigation into the connections between popular vote loser Donald Trump and Russia. The Committee, led by corrupt and morally bankrupt Rep. David Nunes (R. CA) and a majority of Republicans, decided, as we figured long ago, that they should hitch their wagons to Trump and found “no evidence of collusion or wrongdoing” by Trump, his campaign or his administration.

This is a morally reprehensible decision and is facing (rightly so) widespread condemnation from Democrats, who unfortunately can’t do much about it as the minority.

Trump actually thinks his Republican report has exonerated him…

Scott Dworkin from the Democratic Coalition pretty much sums up the thoughts of rational people: “To the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee—you are committing an act of treason by shutting down your probe & LYING saying you found “no collusion.” I hope every single one of you dirty rotten traitors spends the rest of your lives in prison—it’s where you all belong.”

Anyone paying attention at all knows that the Trump-Russia investigation by the House Intelligence Committee was nothing but a sham from the start. I wont go into all the reasons why it was a sham, but what the Republican circus did do is expose corrupt Republican Congressmen to investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he plows his way through Washington.

Fact is, folks, Republicans’ in the House Intel Committee investigation and determination are absolutely meaningless. It was conducted to please Donald Trump, that’s it. How do we know? Because the committee made ZERO effort to investigate Trump’s taxes, bank records and his businesses. Why is that important? Because if you don’t follow the money trail, you are not going to find out if nefarious acts have occurred.

But make no mistake, Robert Mueller is covering every conceivable angle in the investigation and his decision is all that matters…not some partisan sham investigation by the House Intelligence Committee.

So, it looks like it’s going to be all up to Mueller, which 1) we’ve pretty much known all along anyway, and 2) is actually kind of comforting. Robert Mueller has more integrity and ethical gravitas than all the Republican members of the House Intel Committee combined.