Pope Francis Just Slammed Trump In End-of-Year Message


Pope Francis has never been shy about voicing his disdain for Donald Trump and the horrendous, hateful way he has been leading the country, and the pontiff didn’t disappoint America with his very last condemnation of the horrible POTUS in 2017.

In a Reuters report, Pope Francis didn’t mince his words as he referred to 2017 as a “wasted” year filled with death, lies, and a complete disrespect of the environment and humanity.

As he spoke to an audience in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis stated that that humanity had “wasted and wounded” 2017 “in many ways with works of death, with lies and injustices” – which was likely a direct reference to Trump.

pope francis end year message

Continuing his criticism of the undeserving POTUS, Pope Francis said that wars were the most severe sign of “unrepentant and absurd pride,” however there had been many other instances of “human, social and environmental degradation” (clearly another jab at Trump). Pope Francis said:

“We must take responsibility for everything before God, our brothers and our creation.”

Pope Francis didn’t even need to mention Trump’s name in order for everyone to know who he was targeting in his speech. Trump has been leading the country in the most hateful, harmful way and Pope Francis targeted it with his condemnation of nuclear weapons, the denial of climate change, border walls, anti-immigration stances, and more – all of which Trump has been trying to enact on the country.

In celebration of New Year’s day, Pope Francis is leading a Mass for the Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace (while Trump spends his seventh consecutive day playing golf).

This certainly isn’t the first time that Pope Francis has blasted Trump, but the fact that he would target Trump in his last message of 2017 is definitely a sign that things need to change – and fast.