These Are The Prescription Drugs That Donald Trump Takes – Propecia…


President Trump just had his physical, and the “doctor” announced that he’s in excellent health. The White House physician, Ronny, Jackson, MD (Not to be confused with Dr. Ronnie Jackson…maybe) will talk about the President’s Health during a press conference on Tuesday, but there are some things we already know, such as the drugs Donald Trump takes on a regular basis.

No, not those kinds of Drugs. Shockingly, the unhinged mess of a President is sober. After his brother committed suicide, Trump never touched drugs or alcohol again. The most surprising part of his drug regimen is that it might be the most normal thing about him.

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The one he probably needs most is his Statin, which helps lower cholesterol. Trump’s diet looks like a race to see how fast he can clog his arteries. Between buckets of chicken and his nightly bed-burgers, he needs all the cholesterol medicine he can get.

Along with that is Baby Aspirin the New York Times reported, which older men take to prevent blood clotting. It helps reduce the chance of Heart Attacks.

Aside from his ticking time bomb of a heart attack, Trump also takes antibiotics to treat rosacea, a skin condition that causes redder skin and making a lot of people feel terrible for making fun of Trump’s orange-ish skin since a medical condition causes it.

Finally, he takes Propecia—to prevent hair loss. It also causes “chronic sexual dysfunction,” so it’s most likely the drug that Melania makes sure he never misses.

And that’s all. Four common drugs that millions of Americans take. The only question now is if Ronny or Ronnie did his exam.