Trump Just Sent Out a Pathetic Tweet To Comfort Himself After Last Night Election


Trump’s swollen ego was dealt a staggering blow last night when Democrats showed up en masse to the polls and seize two Governor’s Mansions as well as numerous state and local offices.

It was a sound rejection of Trumpism, epitomized best in the drubbing that Trump-endorsed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie received at the hands of Democrat Ralph Northam. While Northam was favored going into the election, nobody expected him to win by such a large margin. The verdict was clear: the resistance exists, and it’s powerful.

After his favored candidate lost, Trump — who is currently traveling abroad in Asia — took to Twitter to shift blame away from himself, attacking the man that he had previously thrown his full support behind.

The president is in China now, and while it’s the middle of the night over there, it appears he’s having trouble sleeping.

He just took to Twitter to engage in his favorite, most pathetic, boast: bragging about his electoral college win. Rather than grappling with the colossal losses he suffered yesterday, he’s decided instead to retreat into his own ego and celebrate a past win to make himself feel better.

It’s telling that a year into his term his only significant victory is still the 2016 election.

Americans are sick of hearing about the 2016 election and the electoral college. Trump can blab on and on all he wants, he can send out as many mean-spirited tweets as his tiny little fingers can tap, he can rant and rave on the global stage, it changes nothing.

Americans aren’t listening to him. We are fired up. We are getting up and going to the ballot box. And whether the president wants to accept it or not, it spells the end of the Trump era.