Prince Charles slammed Trump on climate change


Prince Charles, like Donald Trump, is a very wealthy man, but the two men are polar opposites. Prince Charles followed family tradition when he served in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, while Trump, a former reality show star, avoided serving because his feet hurt.

prince charles slammed donald trump

According to a report by The Daily Mail, the Prince of Wales says that we need to deal with the symptoms of climate change, while Trump thinks that man-made global warming is a myth, meant to stifle US manufacturing. Trump thinks climate change is a “hoax” and stunned the world by pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement.

While calling for protection for the world’s coral reefs, Charles made a dig at Donald Trump. Charles was joined by Prince Harry at the event Wednesday morning and spoke of the need for unity against threats of climate change, pollution, plastic, and overfishing.

“This event is vitally important for while the world, apart from one or two outposts here and there, has begun to focus at last on the profound perils of climate change, little attention has been given to the increasingly devastating effect of climate change on the ocean and its bio-diversity,” Prince Charles said.

“The stakes are high and time is extremely short,” he continued. “There can be no doubt that we are a critical tipping point.”

“It is for me literally incredible and deeply irresponsible that people seem to have regarded these losses as somehow just being the price of progress, rather than the arbiter of our vulnerability and the harbinger of our future,” he added.

Prince Charles is correct. The U.S. is one of the “outposts” he’s referring to. Aside from pulling out of the Paris agreement, Trump picked Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, despite the fact that he was suing the EPA.

There is no love for the so-called president with the royal family and keep in mind that Trump has lashed out at London before. British Prime Minister Theresa May had to correct Trump after he falsely claimed there are ‘no-go’ zones in London due to Islamic extremists.