Prince Harry Just Delivered a ‘Blow’ To Donald Trump


Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan Markle’s wedding is approaching, and making their guest list took some serious consideration. It seems that Donald Trump didn’t quite make the cut.

This has not yet been confirmed, however, according to the UK government, the chances are pretty slim as reported by NewsWeek.

Although Trump might be expecting an invitation because Markle is an American citizen, Harry will most likely put a kibosh on that, as he reportedly criticizes Trump quite often. According to US Weekly, Harry says he is “not a fan” of Trump

“Harry thinks the president is a serious threat to human rights,” a “close source” told the US Weekly.

Prior to Trump’s presidency, Markle had also made a comment about him saying that he is “misogynistic,” and she said would also consider leaving the US if he became president.

There may be other reasons that Trump won’t be invited to their spring wedding.

Newsweek reported:

If Trump were to appear at Prince Harry’s wedding in spring 2018, it would likely spark protests. When Prime Minister Theresa May offered Trump a state visit early this year, polls showed that 2 million people intended to take part in a protest against him. The risk of embarrassment, were such a protest to occur at a royal wedding, might put the couple off inviting such a controversial figure.

Trump will be even more peeved to learn that former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama will be in attendance. Harry and the Obamas have been seen together and their relationship looks pretty solid.

When Harry met Melania Trump, the photo shows that the meeting was awkward to say the least:

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