Puerto Rico’s Mayor Just Slammed Donald Trump, Appreciated Americans


San Juan’s mayor, Yulin Cruz has criticized President Donald Trump for his lack of focus when it comes to supporting the Puerto Rican people and reinstating its power structure. Puerto Rico is reaching its 100-day mark since Hurricane Maria plowed through the island.

The hurricane plunged the island into chaos, with regions of the island still struggling to reinstate electricity, hospitals coping with a shortage of intravenous fluids, and food rations being unsustainable.

San Juan’s mayor told ABC News that the president has been disrespectful to the island’s inhabitants when it comes to the recovery process. Adding that “he was disrespectful to the Puerto Rican people, he was disrespectful to the American people who were leaving their homes to come help us here.” The mayor scorched President Trump, saying that he does not “embody the values of the goodhearted American people that have made sure that we are not forgotten.”

The Situation Is Dire
Puerto Rico is struggling with its scarce resources and the health care system that has become strained with little relief in sight. The death toll from the hurricane is possibly topping at 1000 people.

Cruz and other Puerto Ricans have been “fighting every day” to move past the wreckage caused by the storm. However, the wreck has stalled relief efforts, with attempted recovery exposing overwhelming challenges.

One of these challenges is the fact that the island has a power problem that has been largely ignored by the commander-in-chief. At one point, the island suffered 100 percent total power loss when the storm rolled in on September 20. Three months later, and Cruz said that the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority – or PREPA – was unable to bring power back to some of the more crucial regions, with healthcare suffering as collateral.

Instead of focusing on the dire situation and the intrinsic value of human life, President Trump instead sees dollar signs, saying that the cost associated with hurricane relief has the United States budget “a little out of whack.”