Watch: Rachel Maddow Exposes Trump’s Attempts to Dismantle the 1st Amendment


Seth Meyers called it “a weird dance…It’s like one of those movies where the serial killer is also clearly in love with the person who’s trying to arrest him.” [Watch video below]

He and Rachel Maddow were dissecting Trump’s desire to dismantle the the first-amendment protections of the press, and how that seems oddly at odds with his curious obsession with that same press.

“There has never been an administration that has been this overtly hostile to the press…I mean, they’re talking about revising the First Amendment. The Chief of Staff this weekend that ‘they’re looking at those libel laws.’ What do you mean, ‘looking at them?’ Maddow asked. “They don’t look back! We have a First Amendment! You can’t change it.”

Maddow explains the irony, “But at the same time, there’s never been a president who’s more addicted to the news about himself. And who’s more responsive to the news he supposedly thinks is so worthless. It is a weird tension…”

In her appearance on The Late Show with Seth Meyers, Maddow explains just how dangerous Trump is – someone who is so terribly need in validation that he would be willing to dismantle the very pillars of Americanism in order to satisfy his terribly needy ego.

Folks, you may laugh it off as Trump’s ‘presidency of entertainment,’ but make no mistake. The very dismantling of modern democracies begins with the suppression of a free press. We MUST fight back.

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