Report Indicates Mueller now has evidence that points to felony charges


Robert Mueller has already charged and arrested several people connected to the Trump and more are inevitably on the way. With more evidence being uncovered by the day, Mueller is now sending a clear warning to Trump and his friends about just how close he is.

Mueller recently revealed that he’s been in possession of the Trump transition team’s emails for several months and he hasn’t been interviewing people to see what’s in them. Why is that? From a prosecutor’s perspective, it’s better if he can catch them lying about them.

Mueller was sending a clear warning shot to Trump’s people: ‘If you can’t stop Trump from firing me, I can have a bunch of you arrested before he can even complete the firing process.”

This can be seen as a clear warning signal to Trump’s team that if they attempt to fire him, it won’t matter because they will all be arrested before they can even accomplish the firing.

Bill Palmer points that this time around, Mueller is revealing another piece of the puzzle through the media. He’s revealing that since this fall, he’s had proof that Donald Trump has known since January that Michael Flynn committed a crime by conspiring with Russia during the transition period. The proof: White House Counsel Don McGahn was researching the Logan Act during the very first days Trump was in office, because he knew Flynn had violated it, according to Foreign Policy. More importantly, McGahn told Trump early on that Flynn had broken the law.

The Foreign Policy report states:

The records reflected concerns that McGahn, the White House counsel, had that Michael Flynn, then the president’s national security advisor, had possibly violated either one or both laws at the time, according to two of the sources. The disclosure that these records exist and that they are in the possession of the special counsel could bolster any potential obstruction of justice case against President Donald Trump.

The records that McGahn turned over to the special counsel, portions of which were read to this reporter, indicate he researched both statutes and warned Trump about Flynn’s possible violations.

McGahn conducted the analysis shortly after learning that Flynn, on Dec. 29, 2016 — while Barack Obama was still president — had counseled the Russian ambassador to the United States at the time, Sergey Kislyak, not to retaliate against U.S. economic sanctions imposed against Russia by the outgoing administration.

Trump knew without a doubt that Flynn was conspiring with the Russians and he knew it was illegal. This proves he is in fact guilty of obstruction of justice and it also puts McGahn at legal risk. If he lied during his interview with Mueller, he’s on the hook as well. It’s only a matter of time before every member of the Trump team is led away in handcuffs and Mueller is making sure they know that.