Reporter Exposes Trump Golfing During Working Weeks


If Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator and Abraham Lincoln was the Great Emancipator, maybe Donald Trump will go down as the Great Golfer. He is no longer confining his frequent golfing trips to the weekends (though he’s on the course almost every one of them). Now, he’s also golfing during the week.

On Monday, while many Americans were headed off to start another week of work, our president was smacking golf balls around on a private course in Virginia.

At this time, it becomes necessary to point out once again that millions of people in Puerto Rico are still suffering the effects of hurricane damage. There are still heavy shortages, and there are still many U.S. citizens who have no electricity.

Don’t bother Donald Trump with any of that, though. He took a nice little day trip on Monday with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to play a round at the Trump National Golf Club.

Since his January inauguration, Donald Trump has been golfing 71 times. He has been in office for 262 days, as of the writing of this piece.

As the president, Donald Trump gets paid a salary. He gets to live in the White House, and he is allowed to make use of Air Force One.

However, that’s because it is assumed that the president will actually perform some sort of work in serving the American people. This usually means doing more than ranting and raving on Twitter.

It’s all a bit ironic, since Donald Trump frequently criticized President Barack Obama for going golfing while serving as president.

Trump tweeted out his disapproval for a president who plays golf in 2014. And in the eight years that Obama was president of the United States, he played less golf than Donald Trump.

In the entire first year of his presidency, Obama played golf exactly 22 times.

In eight years, Obama played golf a total of 333 times. Clearly, Donald Trump is determined to outpace him on the greens.

Before the month of August, Trump had already taken 11 trips to his private properties. He is the most off-duty president we’ve seen in recent administrations, and already a sharp contrast to Obama’s more infrequent vacations.

The White House staff denies that Trump spent Monday on the golf course, despite photographs showing him and his Secret Service detail at the Virginia club. This is another easy-to-disprove lie that the White House has blatantly and blindly told, in spite of fact.

In addition to golfing waste, the Trump administration has already been called into question for its use of private jets. More recently, Mike Pence spent tens of thousands of dollars to stage a publicity stunt at Donald Trump’s request.

Pence flew from Las Vegas to Indianapolis so he could walk out of an NFL game, then hopped back on his plane to go to Southern California and support a representative who is widely known to be pro-Russian.

And that’s how your tax dollars were spent on Sunday and Monday. God bless America.
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