Just In: Top Republican Senator Demanded Jeff Sessions Come Clean About Russia


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to return to the Senate Judiciary Committee to tell them everything he knows about any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia after reports about the indictments of other campaign officials point to the fact that Sessions’ previous testimony was at best misleading or otherwise consisted of outright lies.

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Graham said;

“Jeff, you need to tell us everything you know about Russia. So yeah, he probably should come back, and answer the question yet again ‘did you know anything about an effort by the Trump campaign to meet with Russia, not just collude with Russia,’ “

While most cabinet nominees never get the chance to get a “do-over” of their confirmation hearings after having been implicated in perjury in their original testimony, Graham wants Sessions back in front of the committee to re-answer the same questions he was asked originally.

“I asked a question ‘did anyone ever talk to you about talking with the Russians?’ I didn’t ask about collusion. So we now know that somebody at a meeting, Mr. Papadopoulos, raised the idea of meeting with Putin. There’s nothing wrong with Trump meeting with Putin if he wanted to. It would be wrong to have the Russians help the Trump campaign,” Graham said.

While Senator Graham may be willing to give the Attorney General a second chance at correcting the record, rather than simply indicting him for perjury in front of a Congress he once was a member of, not everyone would be so charitable. most people would agree with one thing that Senator Graham said regarding the new revelations and Sessions’ continually shifting accounts of the reality of what happened:

“This is getting a bit old with Jeff Sessions.”

That’s an expression of frustration with which many people would certainly concur, but the fact that even fellow Republicans are demanding that Sessions finally tell the full story behind the scenes in the Trump campaign may mean that Mueller is finally getting to the bottom of the interactions with Russia.