Roy Moore Exposed for Forging Support Letter From Religious Leaders


With each passing moment, Roy Moore’s future is looking dimmer. The Washington Post released a bombshell report last week exposing Moore for taking advantage of teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

The GOP is currently divided due to Moore’s scandal. Far-right conservatives are sticking by Moore no matter what happens, while Republicans with a hint of a soul are asking him to step aside. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he believes the women in the report.

Moore and his wife, Kayla, attempted to save Roy’s skin by posting a letter in support of Moore that called him an “immovable rock in the culture wars” with “rare unconquerable resolve.” The couple included the signatures of 50 Christian pastors on the letter.

However, pastors are already coming forward to expose Moore’s wife for forging their signatures. Pastor Tijuanna Adetunji said he “was not asked about this story or allegations.”

Pastor Thad Endicott said he wasn’t contacted by the Moores and hadn’t spoken to them since the primary. He told reporters:

“The list that has recently circulated was evidently copied and pasted from the August endorsements without checking to see if I still endorsed Moore.”

Dr. George Grant of Parish Presbyterian Church said he doesn’t want to be affiliated with Moore. He stated, “Not my state. Not my issues.”

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