Russiagate Insider Reveals 5 Names He Expects Robert Mueller to Arrest


The arrests in the Trump-Russia scandal will continue to pile up as the weeks progress. Out of the four arrests so far, two of them have already entered a guilty plea. The only question that remains is, who’s going to be next?

There are five names circulating that could very well be next and these are all major players, according to a source reported by CBS News reporter, Jeff Pegues.

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have both been arrested, as well as George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn. The source says that Carter Page, Sam Clovis, Michael Cohen, Jared Kushner and Felix Sater could all be next.

The source acknowledged to CBS News something he’d been reluctant to admit in the past: “I do believe the Russians interfered or tried to interfere,” he said. But he pointed to others associated with the campaign, “I don’t know what they were doing” and “whatever those people did, that’s on them.”

Washington is bracing for the next indictment to be unsealed, but it is unclear when that will happen. There are several people under scrutiny at risk. Even those close to President Trump are speculating. A source familiar with the inner workings of the Trump business and White House operation says, “I think everyone in the entire circle is potentially a target.”

Carter Page – a former Trump adviser – testified to the House Intel Committee and admitted to meeting with the Russians and telling the campaign about it.

Sam Clovis – who worked on the Trump campaign and already met with a Mueller grand jury earlier this year.

Michael Cohen – Trump’s longtime personal attorney.

Jared Kushner and Felix Sater may be the most unnerving to Trump, but both would make a lot of sense. Kushner has reportedly been cooperating with Mueller and trying to avoid an arrest. Sater is already a convicted Russian mafia money launderer and he’s very close to the Trump family, so this potential arrest could be to put the squeeze on Trump’s kids.

Any of these would be a big deal and we can’t wait to see who it will be. Trump has to be very anxious knowing how close Mueller is and whoever it is, we can guarantee Trump’s response will be explosive.