Sally Yates Just Issued A Severe Statement To Trump (Details)


Yesterday, in a stunning departure from centuries of democratic safeguards, President Trump openly urged the U.S. Justice Department to seek criminal charges against his political enemies.

Today, his embrace of tyrannical practices is getting a harsh rebuke from former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. (Tweet below.)

sally yates

Yates, a dedicated career public servant, took on the duties of Attorney General in January with the purpose of serving until the Senate confirmed Trump’s nominee. She was fired by Trump for refusing to enforce the president’s unconstitutional ban on travel from citizens of majority Muslim countries.

Since then, she has been a powerful voice against Trump’s rampant abuse of power, but since starting her Twitter account in June, she has tweeted a total of just nine times, reserving her precious 140-character missives for the instances when her voice is most useful.

Today, is no exception. Her rebuke of Trump’s dictatorial assault has taken the internet by storm.

In the cloud of chaos created by this president to disguise his insidious agenda, Yates’ is a voice of reason that continues to break through.

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