Wretch Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says People Who Don’t Like Trump Are Mentally Unstable (Video)


Between the public noticing Trump growing more forgetful and author Michael Wolff’s release of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, officials like Joe Scarborough are investigating whether President Donald Trump’s poor memory, slurred speech, and erratic tweeting are indicators of a nefarious mental disease.

Though mental health professionals in society cry out that Trump is not mentally fit, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims the real mental “instability” lies in those who refuse to see the good Trump does in the world. That’s right.

Instead of answering the questions of whether Trump is mental unfit, Sanders jabbed a finger at Americans, playing the ‘I know you are but what am I?” defense.

Of the accusations on Trump’s failing mental health, Sanders stressed, “It’s absolutely outrageous to make these types of accusations and it’s simply untrue, and sad that people are going and making these desperate attempts to attack the president. What I think is really mentally unstable is people that don’t see the positive impact that this president is having on the country.”

Sanders said it is “absolutely insane” for all the reporters and people to “sudden;y have a medical degree”, completely ignoring the fact that many mental health professionals are licensed to diagnoses – and addressing a mental disorder does not require medical school unless medications are prescribed.

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