Sarah Sanders: A Child molester who’ll support our agenda is better than a Democrat (Video)


Make no mistake about it, the Republican stance on the Senate race in Alabama between Democrat Doug Jones and credibly accused child molester Roy Moore is about nothing more than politics. Donald Trump and the GOP have made it very clear that they’ll happily embrace someone who stalked and assaulted girls as young as 14 when he was in his 30’s just as long as he votes the way that they want him to, rather than lose an election to a Democrat who won’t support most of their political agenda. (Watch video below)

That’s essentially what Trump’s message has been for the last couple of weeks.
A message that was reiterated by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday when, after saying this “president” has found the allegations against Moore “concerning,” she made it perfectly clear that Trump’s concerns about supporting a probable child molester are secondary to electing someone who’ll support his agenda.

“But as we’ve also said, the President feels that he would rather have a person that supports his agenda versus somebody who opposes his agenda every step of the way,” Sanders said.

When pressed on if Moore should step aside if the allegations are true, she avoided giving a direct answer, cowardly saying that they “don’t have a way to validate” them.
To put that in another way, the official stance from the White House is that they would rather back a child molester who’ll support their agenda than a Democrat who won’t support it.

As not-at-all shocking as it is for me to see the GOP embracing someone who’s been credibly accused of being a predator who stalked and preyed upon underage girl when he was in his 30’s, it’s still surreal that this is actually happening, and that there are so few Republicans out there willing to put human decency over their political party by taking a strong stand against what’s going on in Alabama.
It’s sickening.

What’s even more mind-boggling about all of this is Moore’s being propped up by the so-called “super Christian evangelical conservatives.” These are the Bible-thumpers who’ve made trying to force their religious views on others their primary focus in life. A bunch of sad, sick hypocrites who really think Jesus Christ would be on their side in voting for vile human beings like Donald Trump or Roy Moore.

As a Christian, these people disgust me. These frauds have the nerve to call themselves “Christians” when nothing about them is Christ-like. They’re a hateful, angry, ignorant bunch of bottom-feeders who know nothing about real Christian values. They’re just a bunch of mindless drones who’ve convinced themselves that they’re “good people” because they show up to a building that calls itself a “church,” surrounded by other fake “Christians” like themselves, led by “religious leaders” who are nothing more than charlatans.

If there is a hell, there’s a special place reserved there for those who’d vote for a monster who sexually abuse children just because he’ll be their political puppet and vote the way they want him to.