Scotland just shattered Trump’s ego with a demanding petition


Contrary to the delusional beliefs oozing from the White House, Trump is not as popular as he might believe. In fact, the U.S President is so unpopular, an organization in Scotland gathered thousands of signatures to get a petition to keep Trump – and his golfing – out of the country.

In 2012, Trump’s company fought with environmentalists, politicians, and local residents over land where he built an 18-hole course near Aberdeen.

Now, the U.S president wants to build yet another golf course in Aberdeen, but residents are taking a stand.

38 Degrees gathered over 30,000 signatures and commissioned a national poll that showed 68% of people in Scotland do not want another Trump golf course in the country. The head of the organization, Stewart Kirkpatrick, said the first course wasn’t even a success and a second would be wasteful.

Trump just refused to read his daily intelligence briefing

“After the first course failed to deliver the promised investment and jobs bonanza, Scots now feel the new plan just won’t bring economic benefits to the area,” he said. Kirkpatrick added that locals say Trump broke promises to bring jobs to the area and ignored concerns over construction.

Hmm. Doesn’t this sound familiar?