Sean Hannity just called CNN ‘The sh**hole Network’ at the CPAC (Video)


This year Sean Hannity delivered his Fox News primetime show from CPAC, the archly Conservative Political Action Conference, and dismissed rival network CNN in derogatory terms before a crowd of a MAGA-hat clad fans. (see video below)

According to Mediaite, Hannity’s opening monologue at CPAC was a sort of greatest hits of his usual sermons, featuring him calling out “the conspiracy media,” “exposing the deep state” and taking jabs at Hillary Clinton.

Hannity told his very live audience,

The people in the media are nothing but liars and frauds. And, by the way, they’re really just an extension of the Democratic party.

Hannity went on to defend the president against charges that he cooperated with Russia in interfering with the 2016 election. He said the “made up false narrative about so-called collusion” is “all about to start boomeranging back.”

First the Fox News host detailed what he viewed as Clinton’s “crimes” before taking aim at the media outlets that are, according to Hannity and the far right, complicit in her lawlessness.

“Fake news, the sh*thole Network, CNN,” Hannity quipped.

This isn’t the first time Hannity was referred to CNN as “the shihole network.” Back in January, his show featured a graphic that read “CNN: The Sh*thole Network” for their enthusiastic embrace of the term:

Hannity’s remark is also a reference to the news cycle earlier this year in which CNN accurately reported Trump’s statement that immigrants from African nations are “people from sh*thole countries.”

CNN frequently repeated the president’s reported comments on the air, which apparently offended Hannity’s sensibilities, though the fact that he is now using the same term with abandon would seem to mean he is no longer quite so offended.

Watch video here: