Sen. Flake just said what nobody dares to say about Donald Trump (Video)


Retiring Arizona Senator Jeff Flake put his foot down and spoke out in direct retaliation to the President’s behavior as he called for congressional Republicans and Democrats to wake up and start to publicly denounce Trump for his constant lies and deceit. (see video below)

The retiring Senator said Trump’s rookie year in office saw the truth “more battered and abused than at any time in the history of our country” by its own leader.

In a Senate floor speech on Wednesday morning, Flake said:

“No longer can we turn a blind eye or deaf ear to those assault on our institutions, and Mr. President, and an American president who cannot take criticism, who must constantly deflect and distort and distract who must find someone else to blame, is charting a very dangerous path. And a Congress that fails to act as a check on the president adds to that danger. Now we’re told via Twitter that today the president intends to announce his choice for the quote, most corrupt and dishonest media awards.”

“2018 must be the year in which the truth takes a stand against power that would weaken it. In this effort, the choice is quite simple. In this effort, the truth needs as many allies as possible. Together my colleagues, we’re powerful. Together we have it within us to turn back these attacks, to right these wrongs, and repair this damage and restore reverence for institutions and prevent further moral vandalism. Together united in this purpose to do our jobs under the Constitution, without regard to party or party loyalty, let us resolve to be allies of the truth and not partners in its destruction,” Flake added.

Flake also referenced false reports from Trump and the White House as direct examples of false information, and compared the President’s rhetoric to that of Joseph Stalin.

“The enemy of the people was how the president of the United States called the free pass in 2017. Mr. President, it is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own president uses words infamously spoken by Joseph Stalin to describe his enemies,” Flake said. “The president has it precisely backward. Despotism is the enemy of the people and free press is the despot’s enemy, which makes the free press the guardian of democracy. When a figure in power reflexively calls any press that doesn’t suit him ‘fake news,’ it is that person who should be the figure of suspicion, not the press.”

Jeff Flake can see that the “damage” the Trump administration as caused to American society will have longstanding repercussions, and will not be confined to Trump’s time in office, especially if lawmakers continue to allow it to continue without calling the President out on his words and actions.

We need more people like Flake in office; and it’s too bad that he’s retiring, don’t you agree?

Watch video below: