Breaking: 6 Women Accused Top GOP Lawmaker Of Sexual Misconduct


The Republican Party is a led by a sexual predator, and little versions of the same monster are now infesting the entire party from top to bottom. So-called family values candidates are slowly being revealed for the cruel, crude creatures they really are, and now a new name has joined the list.

Six women have accused Republican gubernatorial candidate and Florida State Senate budget chairman Jack Latvala of sexual misconduct, reports Politico. Latvala wields a great deal of power in the Sunshine State, exerting considerable control over its $83 billion budget.

“He’s a hound. I mean, everyone in Tallahassee knows that Jack Latvala is an absolute hound. Jack believes that his power as a legislator gives him some special power with women. And, there are times when it’s clearly unrequited,” said Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, making it clear that not even Latvala’s own party stands behind his actions.

The women who have accused Latvala, and who themselves work in the Florida Capitol, say he inappropriately touched them without consent and made disgusting comments about their bodies. The accusers include lobbyists as well as staff members from both parties and claim that the harassment and groping occurred over several years.

The women chose to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals or endangering their careers, with many of them describing a local political atmosphere severely favoring men over women.

jack latvala sexual misconduct

Not surprisingly, Latvala denies the damning accusations leveled against him. Yesterday, he told a reporter that sexual harassment was not a problem that he was aware of within the Florida Senate and that he himself has never been formally accused of such harassment.

Five of the six women who have accused him heard the comments and felt compelled to reach out to Politico. Politico adds that one of the women, a Republican, broke down crying when recounting her ordeal.

In addition to groping, and touching private areas without consent, he would also reportedly give women lengthy, awkward hugs during which he would grunt into their ears like some kind of vile animal. One woman described her encounters in detail:

“It was so disgusting and I had to just stand there, over and over again when he would do this, squeezing me hard and grunting in my ear. The question isn’t whether this happened to me. The question is who this didn’t happen to in the capitol. It’s not like it’s a secret that Jack is like this.”

Some women who were not touched by him claim that he would treat them coldly if they spurned his flirtatious advances.

Latvala must immediately withdraw from the gubernatorial race as he has no place running even the smallest segment of this country. Sexual predators belong in jail, not the Governor’s mansion.