Furious Trump Responded to a Tweet Accusing Him of Being Racist & It’s The Worst Ever


Don’t think that President Trump ignores all those critical tweets that people post day after day after day. One lucky Washington Post reporter got proof that his message was at least seen by the President this morning when he got a baffling reply to the link to his Post editorial that he put up on the social media site.

Greg Sargent was opining over the motivations for Trump’s tweets attacking LaVar Ball yesterday. He was pointing out the boringly repetitious pattern the President has fallen into of attacking successful black athletes and other prominent African-Americans to reinforce his base’s belief that the reason they are floundering in today’s American economy is not because of the rigged system that has siphoned their wealth and opportunity steadily into the pockets of the wealthiest people in the country since the Reagan era, but because that system is rigged in favor of minorities.

“It’s hard to avoid noticing a gratuitously ugly pattern in Trump’s responses, in which Trump vaguely suggests either that his targets are getting above their station, or that they’re asking for too much and are insufficiently thankful for all that has been done for them,”

Such an interpretation of Trump’s cynical political calculus (the closest to advanced math that Trump will ever approach) obviously got under Trump’s skin. So much so that he either decided to reply with his signature catchphrase to annoy Sargent, or, in the more likely scenario, he was so apoplectic with rage that he failed to notice that he was replying to Sargent’s tweet rather than starting a new one of his own.

Either way, the result was the same, and Sargent’s savage takedown of the President was distributed to the Twitter feeds of all of Trump’s over 43 million followers.

Trump later realized his mistake and reposted his MAGA tweet as a separate post on his own feed, but not before Sargent’s followers saw his post and responded.

Sorry, Donald. No one is buying your MAGA crap around here. The only way to make America great again is to get rid of you.