Stephen King just destroyed Trump’s ego with ‘warning to my British friends’ message


Renowned horror novelist Stephen King appears to have broken the internet once again with yet another scathing criticism of President Donald Trump.

“Just a warning to my British friends: An American dipshit is coming to visit you. Please remember most of us didn’t vote for him; he lost by 3 million votes. His presidency is a statistical anomaly.” The best-selling writer wrote.

King frequent critic of Trump on Twitter, at one point, wrote that Trump gaining access to the nuclear codes is “worse than any horror story I ever wrote.”

Which he claims caused Trump to block him on the social network platform.

King also weighed in on the issue of immigration this Monday:

“Saving those kids trapped in the cave is a great thing, but let’s not forget the kids trapped on our southern border. Not trapped by rising water but by the cruel policies of this administration.”

Trump who is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom later this week following a NATO summit in Brussels, will be greeted by hundreds of protesters including a 20-foot “Trump baby” blimp which was recently given permission to float overhead.

The organizers behind the giant blimp recently wrote on a crowdfunding site that “people have been SO generous and supportive that we now have WAY more money than we can sensibly spend just on Trump’s UK visit in July!”

“So – Trump Baby is going on World Tour!” the organizers wrote. “All the details are still TBC but once little Donald has been run out of Britain in July, we will start to put together an itinerary – so if your community is unlucky enough to be expecting a visit from the orange sex pest, please get in touch after the 14th.”

Twitter reacted: