Steven Tyler just slammed Trump, demanded he stop playing Aerosmight songs at rallies (Details)


Decade-spanning rock star Steven Tyler recently sent out a cease-and-desist letter to the White House calling for President Trump to stop playing Aerosmith songs during his rallies.

Tyler’s lawyer, Dina LaPolt, sent out the letter following Trump’s Tuesday night rally in West Virginia, as first revealed by Variety. The legendary band’s “Livin’ on the Edge” was played as Trump supporters made their way into the Charleston Civic Center.

LaPolt’s letter, which was acquired by Variety, points out that Trump was previously asked to stop the use of Aerosmith songs twice already during his 2016 campaign.

“Mr. Trump is creating the false impression that our client has given his consent for the use of his music, and even that he endorses the presidency of Mr. Trump,” the letter states.

LaPolt argues that Aerosmith fans have started to believe that Tyler endorses Trump’s presidency and made complaints on social media, stating that Trump’s use of the song is a violation of the Lanham Act.

LaPolt explained in the first two cease-and-desist letters, which were linked to Trump’s use of “Dream On,” that the problem was neither personal nor political, but simply an issue of copyright. Tyler himself is a registered Republican.

Trump mocked back in 2015 that he had found a “better” song to play in replacement of “Dream On,” and bragged that the scandal gave Tyler “more publicity … than he’s gotten in 10 years.”

Numerous musical artists have demanded that Trump not play their songs at public events, including R.E.M., Twisted Sister, and Elton John.