Top Democrat grills Trump’s nominee for offensive views on Muslims


This week, there’s a lot Americans can be concerned about. There’s a potential trade war on the horizon with China, a nuclear war with North Korea looming in the midst, along with a litany of other issues that Trump’s mishandling with outrageous aplomb. And one of the recent talking points coming from Washington D.C., is the Senate hearing vetting Trump’s nominee to become the new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

While there were a lot of lawmakers asking important questions, it was the ones posed by Democrat Cory Booker, that raised the most eyebrows. He directly asked Pompeo if he believes that he’d treat, “each and every faith with the dignity they deserve.” Something that Pompeo, in the past, hasn’t exactly been a champion of.

To which, Pompeo responded, “For certain places, for certain forms of violence, there are some who are better positioned –folks who are more credible, more trustworthy, have a more shared experience – and so when it comes to making sure that we don’t have a terrorist brewing in places where Muslims congregate, there’s a special place—they have an opportunity, it’s more than a duty, it’s an opportunity.”

Booker fired back, saying, “So you think that Muslims in America who are in positions of leadership have a different category of obligation because of their religion?” Pompeo repeated his ridiculous mantra, “It’s not an obligation, it’s an opportunity.”