Trump Bragged About “Chemistry” With Putin In Response To Critics


With President Trump in between meetings during his trip to Vietnam, he found time to get back on Twitter and respond to the outrage he generated with the comments he made earlier regarding his believing Vladimir Putin’s claims to have never interfered in the U.S. elections last year.

The rest of the content of the tweets aside, it was perhaps not the best strategy for Trump to accuse Clinton of misspelling right after he made the grammatical mortal sin of substituting ‘there” for “they’re”.

Be that as it may, many people in the United States might reply to the president’s assertions by pointing out that he’s acting like an abused spouse who wants to have a good relationship with their partner despite the fact that partner keeps beating them up (and trying to steal their elections). As they say, it takes two to tango, and a good relationship with Russia starts not with a denial of their attacks on our electoral system, but with an admission of fault and an apology.

The hypocritical claptrap about playing politics being bad for our country would cause any sane American to do a spit-take, coming from the most divisive political figure of all time. Playing politics is his full-time job after all. He’s certainly not governing.

Of course, Russia can help with Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, and terrorism. They can pull their troops out of Syria and stop bombing civilians there; they can withdraw from Crimea and eastern Ukraine; they can stop having their scientists help North Korea build missiles; they can stop funding terrorist organizations.

It’s amazing that Trump seems to think that these aims can be accomplished through what amounts to appeasement, rather than the kind of bravado-filled threats that he lobs at Kim Jong-Un.

In his second tweet, he pivots to his usual method of shifting blame rather than accepting responsibility, painting an early attempt by the Obama administration to reassess the country’s relationship with Russia, at a point prior to Putin’s multi-pronged encroachment upon our elections, as the equivalent to his own toadying to his former KGB friend.

Placing the failure to reset relations on a lack of chemistry between Obama and Putin, rather than on Russian support for Assad in Syria and on the invasion of the Ukraine and the seizing of Crimea, shows just how far in the pocket of Putin President Trump truly is.

It’s almost as if Putin has something incriminating on President Trump that Trump doesn’t want the rest of the world to see. Urine good company if this raises your suspicions.

When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good president is a good thing? Unfortunately, neither the United States nor Russia has that luxury at the moment.