Just In: Trump Was Just Caught In An Impeachable Offense (Video)


Yesterday, Washington and the world was taken by storm when it was announced that Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn would plead guilty to lying to the FBI about contacting Russia, and on top of that, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was the one who told him to do it.

All the juicy details of Flynn’s testimony have yet to be released but expect more news directly adversely affecting the president to come shortly. (Watch Video below)

Besides that – Trump in the meantime just made matters worse for himself. He took to Twitter to explain why he fired Flynn – and in the process just admitted that he lied in the past.

He came out on Saturday saying the reason he fired General Flynn was because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI.

Yet – Trump’s tweet from earlier in the year draws that statement into a direct line of fire. Trump isn’t being truthful, no matter how you slice it.

Trump said back in March (after the Flynn firing) that he should ask for immunity and that the whole thing was a witch hunt. Trump even made other statements along the effect of, Flynn didn’t deserve this, etc, etc.

Let’s now turn to the statement Trump made in front of the press back in February right after Trump fired Flynn.

Once you watch the video and compare it to Trump’s present tweet, it’s clear Trump now has a major problem on his hands.

“Michael Flynn is a fine person and he respectfully gave it. What Flynn did wasn’t wrong. If anything he did something right.”

Trump then went on to explain that Flynn didn’t tell the Vice President about his contacts with Russia. But, Flynn is expected to testify that it was all an inside job and he was told to do it. Basically – Flynn took the fall earlier in the year to save the president and the Trump administration as a whole, but now that he is facing jail time, he’s willing to spill the beans.