Exposed: Trump Corp Laundering Cash for Violent Drug Cartels (VIDEO)


An explosive new study published by the corporate and government watchdog group Global Witness was released last week, adding an entire new dimension to the unfolding saga of Donald Trump and his shady history of dubious business deals. (Watch video below)

The report uncovers how Trump made millions from licensing his name to a luxury real estate project in Panama used to launder drug money from Latin American cartels. At the very least, Trump appears to have turned a blind eye to the origins of the money used to purchase nearly two-thirds of the condos at the Trump Ocean Club in Panama City.

Real estate is one of the most common investment vehicles for laundering illicit money worldwide. This project was Trump’s first big international licensing deal — and disclosures show that he was still making money from this project when he took office in 2017; more than $75 million to date.

Meanwhile individuals behind some of the sales at this property have gone to prison for colluding with the cartels. But since then Trump has engaged in many similar deals, with large numbers of units being bought by shell companies that don’t have to disclose their true owners. In some cases, notably with the Trump Tower Soho in New York, records show that a large number of luxury apartments were purchased by individuals with ties to the Russian mafia.

So we’re starting to see a pattern, and it’s looking a lot like Donald Trump has longstanding, deep connections to international, organized crime. If nothing else has single-handedly helped them launder billions of dollars in ill-gotten gains. How long will it take before there’s enough incriminating evidence to end this presidency? With a steady drip of damning information like this coming out on a daily basis, it seems unlikely that this can continue for his entire term.