Trump Sends Out Email To Supporters Begging For Money To Help Build The Wall


President Trump’s first campaign promise was to not only build a wall along the Mexican border but that Mexico itself would pay for it.

Since that time, we’ve discovered that’s not actually how things will pan out, but Trump still insists that Mexico will end up paying the U.S. back after its initial construction through some sort of tariff, etc.

Now – the Official Website of Donald J. Trump For President is sending out emails to those very same supporters Trump made his promise to, asking for donations to make the wall a reality.

Below is a screenshot of one of those emails.

What’s funny about the email, if you hadn’t noticed, is that Trump even had to remind people he wasn’t building “a fence.”

So far, Trump has been president for going on eight months and has still not been able to pass a single significant piece of legislation, despite claiming he’s passed more than almost any president before him.

History shows that time is not on Trump’s side. New U.S. Presidents are more likely to enact new laws with Congress in their first 100 days – this is commonly referred to as the “presidential honeymoon” phase. After that, the likelihood of getting anything passed decreases since legislators are more concerned with getting ready for the next election.

Right now, Trump is trying to do everything at once and the wall doesn’t seem to be front and center. If he has to beg for more campaign donations to make it a reality (as promised and not halfway done) then he’s not doing the job he was elected to do. That’s definitely a good thing.