Trump’s FEMA Director Sends An Appalling Message To Puerto Ricans


FEMA administrator Brock Long has a sick message for San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. Long said that he stopped listening to her a long time ago.

Puerto Rico is still trying to recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria. And FEMA’s response to the disaster was slow at first.

So Long spoke about the Puerto Rican recovery effort on Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” Host Martha Raddatz asked him about the criticism from Mayor Cruz. But Long completely dissed Cruz. He claimed that he stopped listening to her a long time ago.

Long stated, “We filtered out the mayor a long time ago. We don’t have time for the political noise.”

Long certainly has his boss’s back. Trump also claimed that Cruz used this tragedy to play politics.

He even took to Twitter to blast the mayor. According to Trump, Cruz was just being mean and using the hurricane for political gain.

But all Cruz tried to do was alert Trump about the humanitarian crisis on the island. People were without food, safe water and power for weeks.

Cruz’s priority was to help her people. And she became frustrated when the federal government was slow to respond to the disaster.

Trump was quick to start relief efforts when hurricanes hit Texas and Florida. He also visited both regions soon after the hurricanes hit.

But it took Trump two weeks to bother with visiting the island. He and FEMA didn’t seem to understand the enormity of the crisis.

Then the FEMA director continued to talk about the recovery effort in Puerto Rico. He emphasized he was mostly working with the governor to make progress.

“The bottom line is, is that we are making progress every day in conjunction with the governor,” said Cruz. Rebuilding, rebuilding Puerto Rico is going to be a greater conversation for the Congress in conjunction with the governor on …what the way forward is in the future of Puerto Rico.

It’s going to take years before Puerto Rico’s fully back on its feet. Long should worry more about doing his job than talking smack about Mayor Cruz.

Trump and FEMA’s incompetence are the main cause of the continued suffering in Puerto Rico. Share this story on Facebook  and Twitter if you agree.