Trump is furious after a footage of his ‘Bald Spot’ goes viral


At the end of a frantic week for news outlets last Friday, President Donald Trump was fighting more than just “Fake News” and Democrats, as he attempted to gracefully board Air Force One. (see video below)

Trump, or rather his hair, which seems to have a mind of its own, became caught in a battle with the wind that was whipping across the tarmac with unusual force.

President Trump, who usually dons his MAGA hat for such occasions, was not prepared for the wind gusts that sent his hair flailing out of control. As the President climbed onboard, the cameras caught a rear-facing glimpse of his naked scalp as the wind gusts wreaked havoc on his combed-over hair, exposing the never-before-seen barren scalp, albeit briefly.

Although Trump is known for his rather clownish, but nevertheless, trademarked hairdo, what he experienced while ascending the steps to board the plane, most definitely takes the cake for worst hair day, ever.

Being a man who is obsessed with image and looking presentable, it is entirely appropriate to call him out on the fact that while his efforts to conceal his hair loss may be painstakingly futile, he should give that thought to those who he constantly makes fun of, or presents with nicknames – because he his certainly not the epitome of perfection.

Trump has dismissed his rivals for everything from being short, to being ugly, and usually flaunts his succession of wives as a testament to his pomp and status. Trump even appoints those to his Cabinet, whom he feels “look the part,” and is somehow of the belief that he is a brilliant deal-maker and stable genius.

Do you think that Trump should be making fun on anybody’s appearance, after this?

Watch video right below: