Trump Goes Berserk On An ‘FBI Twitter Attack’


Americans can always tell when Donald Trump feels the walls caving in on him and his corrupt administration. Trump has routinely become more erratic as his Russia investigation heats up, and the evidence continues to pile up against him.

His behavior has become increasingly erratic, and the undeserving POTUS tends to air out his frustrations and rage on Twitter for the world to see.

Even as Trump is taking a “working vacation” at the moment, escaping to his golf property in Florida, he’s having a colossal meltdown. This afternoon, Trump proved that not even the holiday and his crusade to “bring back Christmas” could distract him from his addiction to cable news and fighting anyone who dares to make his life harder.

Earlier today, Trump decided to go on a Twitter rampage and attack FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after seeing a report on Fox News that stated McCabe was going to retire in a few months. McCabe had recently faced a lot of criticism from the Republican Party over his involvement in the Russia probe, and had given a testimony in front of congressional committees earlier this week. In a reaction that literally no one asked for, Trump tweeted this nonsense – once again portraying himself as the victim who can do no wrong:

Fox News was actually doing a segment on McCabe while Trump was tweeting this ridiculousness, so we can all pretty much guess what inspired Trump to attack. Trump is now infamous for trying to point the finger at everyone else, even though that tactic has only managed to make him look even more guilty as his erratic behavior is now a dead giveaway for his wrongdoing. The only person that these tweets make look really bad is Trump himself – but we will all benefit from the way he continues to make himself look even more guilty.