Trump humiliated after he compared Teachers to Air Marshals


At a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball, Trump insanely compared arming teachers to professional air marshals.

Trump said, “I think it’s going to make it safer. The fact that you have some capability within a school, they’re not going to go into that school. They’re not going to do it. Look at what happened with airplanes where we put marshals on planes. Nothing’s happened for a long time when it was getting to the point of getting routine. When you have somebody with a gun staring you down, it’s going to be a lot different for them to walk into those schools. Right now they look at the sign outside. This is a gun-free environment. That means they’re the only one with a gun.”

Watch video here:

It is clear that Trump has never been in a public school in his entire life. It is also doubtful that Donald Trump knows that air marshals are professional law enforcement officers. Teachers are not professional law enforcement officers. Teachers are not trained in law enforcement. Their goal is to educate, not serve as an armed guard. If Trump wants teachers to be air marshals, then school districts should hire cops to teach.

Trump is pushing the NRA’s myth that more guns can prevent school shootings. More guns will only increase the number of deaths in US schools. The answer is banning assault weapons, but since Trump is an NRA puppet, he is going to jeopardize more lives by pushing the gun lobby’s policies.