Trump terribly humiliated himself on Twitter shortly after speaking to Marines in Miramar


Shortly after speaking to Marines in Miramar, California, just north of San Diego, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to tweet about the event and, of course, share photos of the crowd size.

The president is in the Golden State for the first time since taking office, and even a rally in front of a crowd of friendly members of the military couldn’t save the clumsy Trump from himself.

In characteristic fashion, Trump either didn’t bother to proofread his tweet or truly doesn’t know how to spell the word “corps.”

trump corp misspelling twitter

While the tweet was deleted shortly thereafter and replaced with a correctly spelled version, the damage was already done, with Twitter users criticizing him en masse for his glaring hypocrisy; nothing says “honor the troops” like not bothering to spell the branch correctly in a tweet sent out to millions of people.

Trump had famously – albeit not so eloquently – promised “I know words. I have the best words.” It doesn’t seem like spelling them correctly was part of the package.