Trump just insulted the Japanese press to their faces at Mar-a-Lago


Amid Japanese President Shinzo Abe’s visit with Trump at Mar-a-Lago for talks focusing on trade and North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, the Japanese press is also in attendance to cover the meetings.

Notwithstanding the fact that Trump has relentlessly plugged Mar-a-Lago, from which he continues to personally profit, in his capacity as president, he just made a comment that speaks volumes about his priorities.

While the Japanese press were filing into a room today, Trump issued a warning:

“Careful,” he said. “Don’t hurt yourselves. More importantly, don’t hurt the house. Much more important.”

While the president was perhaps trying to be affable, the comment nevertheless rooted in truth; Trump has used the presidency to enrich himself, his family, or his company – from which he refused to fully divest himself – to the tune of millions of dollars.

His principal concern is his bottom line first, America Second.