Trump Jr. just launched a disgusting attack on Justin Trudeau


Days ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made international headlines during a town hall-style meeting in Edmonton, Alberta by correcting a young woman who used the word “mankind” with the word “peoplekind.”

While the correction was clearly a good-natured attempt to piggyback on the woman’s comment – she had said that, “Maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind” – Donald Trump Jr. opted to use it as fodder to grandstand against “PC culture.” In characteristic fashion, the President’s eldest son took to Twitter with a tweet as smug as it was classless.

Trump Jr.’s tweet comes in response to David Axelrod welcoming Trudeau to the University of Chicago.

Stephen Miller, a contributor, took the first swipe at the Canadian Prime Minister by drawing attention to Axelrod’s use of the pronoun.

It was in response to Miller that Trump Jr. chimed in.

To be clear, this is a full-grown, 40-year-old man castigating Trudeau for promoting inclusivity and female empowerment. Of course, what more would anyone expect from the definition of the chauvinistic, self-important son of his like-minded father?